Adventure dating games selma blair dating

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Adventure dating games

You could even reward the winner with some of our printable Car Bucks (see above)!If you have older kids, simply print off the questions and scoreboard we have provided for a fun car activity! We have also provided some blank cards so you can write down age appropriate questions tailored to your family’s needs!Have each family member pick a few songs to add to the list for your very own, “Ultimate Road Trip Mix”!We have provided 6 different versions of our Road Trip Printable Bingo just for YOUR family!Your family/spouse will love opening their very own personal “Ultimate Road Trip Mix!” Prior to leaving on our vacations, my family would always make a road trip mix!This is one printable kit that your whole family is going to LOVE!Surprise your loved ones with fun on-the-go this traveling season.

Your family will LOVE having so many fun activities in the car while you travel to your destination!

We spent over an hour in the gas station restroom while my mom tried to scrub the bubblegum from her eyelashes!

(Note to self—NEVER give kids gum while traveling!!!

These easy-to-use Car Bucks are the PERFECT way to reward good behavior while driving!

Your kids can trade in their Car Bucks for small on the road prizes (ex: a car snack, a coloring book & crayons, dollar store toys like these, etc.), or for a treat at the next rest stop – like a quick game of tag or a ball toss with you! Create a great Road Trip Music mix and top off your cute Road Trip in a Box with this gorgeous CD cover!

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) Anyways, to this day, one of my favorite things to do with my husband is go on road trips!