Dating simulations for guys

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How do you take into account the competitive advantage of a firm in a valuation? 30 seconds more to think if you’re still struggling… The answer: Unless you made up your own response and said, “D. That’s not to say that the questions above are unimportant.

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Just take a look at Alex Chu’s latest article on MBA Apply on diversity in business school applicants: “If you come across as a traditional PE dude in terms of profile *and* orientation (everything about you screams “I’m a finance guy through and through” no matter what you say in your applications), it can become more random simply because there’s other people who have such similar profiles as you will.

And they are NOT going to take all of you in, especially since there’s a lot more applicants with PE background now than there was 5-10 years ago (simply because the industry has grown — more headcount overall means more potential applicants).” He’s discussing some broader themes there on diversity, but on a micro-level the same point applies: if you come across as “standard” you are at a disadvantage, even if you’ve worked at Goldman Sachs and KKR.

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But even if you’ve made it through interviews without getting that specific question, the 3 points above come across in everything you say. This one comes across in where you went to school and what your grades were (not as applicable for senior-level hires).