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Being part of the owner operator independent truckers category we have a lot more …My Boss & Co-Worker Wants To Kill My Husband & I Don't Blame Them I am a dental hygienist at a dental office in which my boss is a dentist along with his son who also is a dentist, his wife, who is the office manager …We know he would have to be gone a lot, but after …girlfriend of an truck driver who has no compassion I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year now and I had a job not the best job but it paid my bills took care of myself and my son's my boyfriend …Is it a requirement that all OTR truck drivers need to come home for home time after awhile?It seems as though when my husband is away over the road, both myself & the kids are very happy campers!I know some women are trifling and abuse or take advantage of their trucking husbands sometimes. You know if you have a supportive, trusting, understanding woman at home that treats you with respect and admire you know how tough your job is on the road everyday. (lol) So what I've said about trucker's wives is just common sense but sometimes taken for granted. I am 21 years old and my boyfriend (high school sweetheart) is now a truck driver. To start my husband and I have a very good relationship. I Believe His Behavior Spells Out Cheating - Any Advice Due to my husband's behavior that has been building up over the past 2.5 months, I hate truckers.If you have THAT woman at home show her you appreciate her and with the same understanding,trust, support and respect. Ladies if you are the wife of a truck driver please tell us what it's like to be truckers wives in your words. I am sure other wives would love to hear your voice. How do you cope with your husband being away from home. How do you keep a positive attitude during the challenges you face as the wife of a trucker? I have recently been diagnosed Bi polar and sensory processing disorder. This "life style" isn't for all love prevails ( if you allow it) My love of almost 2yrs has been all over the country. He is the cheese to my macaroni, love of my life best friend. I believe his behavior spells out clearly that he …

I am not yet a truckers wife but I hope to be one within the next year or so. The wife left behind around negative minded people!! Trying to get a handle on being a trucker's wife - advice? He lost his job back in July 2015 he went and sought bigger and better things. I thought my husband was lazy when he got off the road My husband cooked cleaned and always ready to go to a good restaurant to eat until he started trucking. I had been with him for one year when he decided to become a trucker and do otr, I was also four months pregnant with his child. Life of a working truckers wife and Mom to a newborn plus 2 My husband started trucking a little over a year ago. I don't feel noticed, I am not told many things I expect to hear.In a good relationship to be the wife of a trucker is tough to put it mildly I am sure. My husband is Punjabi Indian and is an OTR truck driver. First Week As A Truckers Wife Is Hell But Still Here My Husband Left Tuesday I Tried To Have The Best Out Look On This As Possible Being New To It But I've Been Threw A Week Of Hell.. My Wonderful, Crazy Life as a truckers soulmate Truth be told...truckers are just awesome. Four years ago my life was changed, & for the better. Truckers wife of 3 years - Don't know how much longer I can take it I have been married to a trucker for 3 years we have two children and work full time and I'm dedicated to our church. Wife and Husband delivering goods across America - OTR long haul Where do I begin?In a shaky relationship, a trucker's wife may easily suffer emotionally from lack of attention, lack of appreciation, or lack of support. I have nothing to worry about with other humans entering our union. First of all, what an honor to drive across our beautiful Nation, delivering goods to America, with my husband (I think he is the best …In love with my man not so in love with the job I met my husband by chance online I fell in love got married and now not so in love with the job I miss him desperately every minute of every day that …I feel love but feel alone - (It is only temporary) My husband have been working for 31/2 years Come home 4 days out of a month we have 2 girls and 1 on the way but it feel like I'm a single mother because … How We Do It My husband and I have been together for four years but it feels like a lifetime.

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He hasn't been in any accidents so far but he has …

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