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So we've got to move on and keep fighting for Sabrina and anybody with evidence or information about Sabrina that he's done needs to come forth and let the courts know." Brenda Hatheway, Lisa's sister and the mother of Sabrina, died last year. "Her kids don't deserve this, to know that he's getting away, in my eyes, almost free," Lisa Hatheway said.The fire broke out on New Year's Day 2015 around 5 a.m.Scott Phelan and Lionel Bermudez in March 2017 pleaded guilty to charges of arson of a dwelling and conspiracy.

"He did not set this fire to cover up the death of Sabrina Hatheway." Hatheway hasn't been seen since December 2014. Crozier, 31, pleaded guilty to charges of arson and conspiracy on Friday.

Prosecutor Christopher Hodgens says that despite accusations that Crozier had two men set fire to his family's 11 Dixfield Road home in Worcester so he could collect insurance money, there was a more sinister reason for the blaze.

"The evidence suggests that the motive for this fire was not insurance money, that the true motive was to cover up evidence in connection with missing person Sabrina Hatheway," Hodgens said in Worcester Superior Court on Friday afternoon. Crozier's defense attorney, Kevin Larson, said Hatheway had nothing to do with the fire.

The lawyer said the prosecution implied Crozier had something to do with Hatheway's disappearance and argued that the arson and conspiracy charges were improperly brought against Crozier because of the testimony in the grand jury.

However, Hodgens argued at the time that "evidence pertaining to Sabrina Hatheway's mysterious disappearance just before the fire was entirely appropriate in order to shed light on the defendant's motive for burning down his own house." The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System lists Sabrina Lee Hatheway as last seen on Dec. The circumstance of her disappearance reads that she "was last seen with ex-boyfriend whose house burned down Jan.

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