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Who is justin bruening dating

In 2003, his acting career began when he was cast in the role of Jamie Martin on the daytime drama All My Children, earning him a Soap Opera Digest Award in 2005 for the portrayal.

In late 2007, not long after leaving the role, Bruening was cast as Mike Traceur, the son of character Michael Knight, a new take on the original Knight Rider series.

said on 31/Jan/13I see just anywhere from 5.5-6 height difference.

It is a little bit deceptive the way the picture is..can tell if you look closely that Justin's head is not just not straight side to side-wise, but it is also leaned forward a bit.

However I have come to doubt it now, he simply just look shorter, after seeing him in episode 1 of the series where I saw him next to his co star Deanna Russo and also others I simply thinks he is shorter.

said on 18/May/[email protected] 6'2" is 95th percentile, which means he's taller than 19 out of 20 men.In Knight Rider pilot Bruening looked about an inch shorter that Hasselhoff (in the cemetery scene Bruening spread his legs so he might appear a bit shorter than he really is) so about 6'3" seems right (he looks tall and large on that show).Justin Bruening (born September 24, 1979) is an American actor and former fashion model.You have to remember to push Rob back in a plain with Justin, then straighten both of them out. said on 31/Jan/13sprint84 says on 27/Jan/13 There's a pic of him and 6'4" David Hasselhoff giving a thumbs up and he looks significantly shorter like maybe 3" but it's tough to judge footwear, posture, angle, etc.I used to be lousy at estimating heights from pics, but have gotten quite good at it recently from practicing on here :) 5'8 and a bit 5.5-6 .333= 6'2-6'2.5, so 6'2.25 is an ideal compromise until more pics with evidence are shown for this guy. I take it you're referring to this pic: Click Here Bruening has his head lowered, which creates the illussion that there's a large height difference between the two, but I don't think there's more than 2-3 inches between the two.

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So I have to disagree with you guys and say this listing is good. There's a photo somewhere with Deanna standing in front of him with heels ( she's about 5'8" - 5'9" ish , so with heals, probably around 6' max) and she looked almost as tall as he did, maybe an inch or so shorter. said on 11/Feb/11I agree with most comments on his height. said on 6/Feb/09Whne I saw Justin in that scene in the Knight Rider pilot where they where standing next to eachother at the funeral.

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